YeRRas Partnered with Ministry of Agriculture

YeRRas IT Technology Group Share Company is embarking on the road to implement a conventional nation-wide innovative Agri-Tech, E-Commerce and Fin-Tech integrated digital supply chain platform with the objective of establishing a sustainable and efficient agricultural market systems implementation in Ethiopia.

YeRRas is trying to work with different governmental bodies and regulators, private sector stakeholders, different non-governmental organizations, international institutions, small holder farmers, individuals, community leaders and youths to strengthen the livestock market system and put our country in the international meat, live animals and other agricultural products market competition.

Ministry of Agriculture  Livestock Resource State Minister Dr G/Egziabeher G/Yohanes and the coworkers agreed to support YeRRas By technical, material and professional aspects.

The Ministry of Agriculture is committed to implement modern livestock marketing systems in Ethiopia including the development of existing LITS

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