Background Of The Company

YeRRas is a new innovative Agri-Tech, E-Commerce and Fin-Tech integrated digital supply chain platform which is founded by six enthusiastic teammates. It was formed in Feb, 2019, with the objective of establishing a sustainable efficient and continually improving agricultural market in Ethiopia. Its mission is to provide healthy and quality standard agricultural product to our clients at a competitive price while concurrently building lasting relationship with professionals, local councils, government bodies, trade associations, suppliers and end users. We are eager to change how people trade agricultural product.

Our company stands to solve this problem by not only creating a digital agricultural marketing platform but also enabling the end-to-end trading ecosystem. Our inspiration and commitment to this ventures driven by the fact that our entire team is born and raised within the farming community. As such, we have firsthand experience of the current challenges and potentials on the ground. We believe our business model will help the product sourcing community, later stage traders and the consumers benefit immensely. Our platform will also contribute to stabilizing price escalation and ensure quality. Most importantly, it will help Ethiopia better utilize the abundant resources that it has.